Selenium IDE

Selenium IDE is one of the 4 components of Selenium. Out of all the 4 components of Selenium, only Selenium IDE has the record and playback option.

The below are the four different components in Selenium:

  • Selenium IDE
  • Selenium RC
  • Selenium WebDriver
  • Selenium Grid

Using Selenium IDE, its very easy to automate the test cases. Unlike other components of Selenium, Selenium IDE dont need any programming knowledge for automating the test cases.

Along with its easiness for automating the tests, Selenium IDE also has some drawbacks. Selenium IDE needs to be used in simpler projects and maintenance of Automated Test Cases increases when the complexity of the Project under test increases.

Out of all the components of Selenium, Selenium WebDriver is the most used one. Though Selenium IDE is least used, it will help us in learning Selenium in a better way. If you are new to Selenium and want to learning it in a better way, they dont miss the below Selenium IDE posts:

The below are the different posts on Selenium IDE:

Mandatory Posts:

    12.Install Selenium IDE
    13.What is Selenium IDE ?
    14.Record and Playback using Selenium IDE
    15.Validating Elements using Selenium IDE
    16.Validating Elements using Assert Mechanism
    17.Validating Elements using Verify Mechanism
    18.Viewing the source code of the steps recorded using Selenium IDE in our desired language
    19.What are Locators ?
    20.Different types of Locators to identify UI elements
    21.Tools in Selenium to find out the Locators
    22.Locate UI elements by ID
    23.Locate UI elements by Name
    24.Locate UI elements by Link
    25.Locate UI elements by XPath
    26.Locate UI elements by CSS
    27.Finding locators for UI elements using the Selenium IDE's recording feature

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