SeleniumHQ - The official website of Selenium is the official website of Selenium.

For example, there are many facebook accounts/pages of the same celebrity, but only one account/page of the celebrity will be official. Similarly, there are many websites on Selenium, but only one is official i.e.

The below are the different things that you find in the official website of Selenium:

  • Documentation on Selenium Components and other related stuff.  (Click here to find)
  • Downloads of Selenium Components and other related items. (Click here to find)
  • News on Selenium (Click here to find)
  • Official blog of Selenium (Click here to find)
  • RSS Feed of Selenium to keep you updated (Click here to find)
  • Events details of Selenium (Click here to find)
  • Sponsorship program details (Click here to find the ways to donate and get recognized)
  • Contribution details (Click here to find the ways you can contribute to Selenium Project)
  • Get Support from Selenium (Click here to find the ways to get support from Selenium Team)

Conclusion is the official website of Selenium and is very helpful in providing us the required documentation, downloads, news, blog, events and support on Selenium. 

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