Selenium is a free and open source functional test automation tool

There are many commercial test automation tools in the market like QTP / UFT , which require us to purchase license for using them. Unlike other commercial tools, you dont have to pay anything for using Selenium test automation tool, as it is a free and open source tool.  

All about Open Source Software

So, lets find out what is an Open Source software. The below are the different points which will help you in understanding the concept of Open Source software:

  • Contributed by User Community In proprietary software like Microsoft Office etc. , only a specific team of developers and others required are recruited by Microsoft and paid for their work. But in Open Source software, a community of developers and required others come together to contribute. Hence Open Source software is developed by user community instead of paid workers. 
  • Free of  Cost Open Source software is a software that can be freely used and hence we dont have to purchase license for using.
  • Open Code In commercial software like MS Office etc, the code required for developing the software wont be shared outside Microsoft. Where as in Open Source software, the code is open for anyone. We can join the Open Source mission of a software by contributing the code and at the same time we can copy, modify and share the code as required without any restrictions. If we have the capability to build a better open source software, we can modify the code of the open source software and release into the market with our desired names. 

Selenium is a Free and Open Source functional test automation tool

Unlike commercial test automation tools like QTP / UFT, Ranorex etc., Selenium is a free and Open Source, functional test automation tool. Hence below are the reasons why Selenium is getting more popularity among the available functional test automation tools:

  • Free of cost - Dont have to spend anything, which will reduce the project budget.
  • Effective - Even though Selenium is available for free, it is very effective and powerful. 
  • Good Support - As only proprietary tools in the market have good support and hence resolves the problems of their customers in a better way. Unlike proprietary tools, Selenium is a free and open source tool, but it is able to provide good support to its users base. 


Selenium is a free and open source functional test automation tool, which is very effective and provides good support to its user base. Hence Selenium Open Source test automation tool has good popularity in the market.

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