'open' command in Selenium IDE - Opens Application URL in Firefox Browser

open command is one of the Selenese commands in Selenium IDE and is used to open an Application URL in the browser window.


In order to implement open command in Selenium IDE, we have to first install 'Selenium IDE' firefox add-on in firefox browser. If you don't have Selenium IDE add-on installed in your firefox browser, follow the below posts first:

Implementing 'open' selenese command in Selenium IDE

Assuming that you have installed Selenium IDE in your Firefox browser, lets follow the below steps for implementing the open selenese command:

1. Open Firefox browser and select 'Tools' Menu > 'Selenium IDE' option as shown below:

2. A 'Selenium IDE' window will be displayed as shown below:

3. Select the first row in the 'Table' pane as shown below:

4. While the first row is selected, type the letter 'o' into the 'Command' box field and observe that the 'open' command will be provided by the Selenium IDE as an auto suggestion as shown below:

5. Select 'open' from the auto suggestion and observe that 'open' text got entered into the 'Command' field as shown below:

6. Now enter any application URL say '' into the 'Target' box field as shown below:

7. Click on 'Play current test case' option as shown below:

8. Observe that the application URL provided in the Selenium IDE, will be automatically opened in Firefox browser as shown below:


open command in Selenium IDE is one of the selenese commands. The purpose of this command is open the provided application in the Firefox Browser window.

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