162. Exporting a project, Deleting it from Eclipse IDE and Importing it

As explained in the previous post, the Java Project deleted from Eclipse IDE wont get deleted from your Computer -> Eclipse IDE Workspace path. Now lets find out what happens when we export the project before deleting it and import it after deleting it from Eclipse IDE.

Lets Implement this on Eclipse IDE -

1. Launch Eclipse IDE, ensure that 'Project 010' is available as shown below -

2. Export the Java Project 'Project 010' as explained in Post#67

3. Delete the Java Project 'Project 010' as explained in Post#161

4. Now lets import the 'Project 010' which is exported in Step 2

5. Select 'Import' option from Eclipse IDE -> File Menu as shown below -

6. In 'Import' dialog, select 'Existing Projects into Workspace' option and click on 'Next' Button as shown below -

7. Select the radio button 'Select archive file' and click on 'Browse' Button as shown below -

8. Select the project exported in Step 2 and click on 'Open' Button as shown below -

9. Observe that in the 'Import' dialog, 'Some projects cannot be imported because they already exist in the workspace' message is displayed and 'Finish' button is in disabled state as shown below -

As we cannot create duplicate projects in Eclipse IDE, we cannot import the same project that is deleted from Eclipse IDE but not from Workspace.

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Deleting the Java Project from the Eclipse IDE workspace path will be explained in the next post

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