161. Deleting the Java Project from Eclipse IDE

When you delete a project from Eclipse IDE, the deleted project will get deleted in your Eclipse IDE but it wont get deleted from your computer and when you created the project with same name as the deleted project, the deleted project will be displayed in the Eclipse IDE.

Lets Implement this on Eclipse IDE -

1. Launch Eclipse IDE, ensure that the Java Project 'Project 010' is available as shown below -

2. Right click on the Project and select 'Delete' option as shown below -

3. Select 'OK' button on the 'Delete Resources' dialog as shown below -

4. Observe that the 'Deleted' project is not displayed in the Eclipse IDE as shown below

5. Open the location of the project in your computer (i.e. Eclipse IDE work space path in your computer) and observe that the Project 010 folder is not deleted as shown below -

6. Now lets create the Project with the same name as the deleted project 'Project 010' as shown below -

7. Observe that the deleted project with its Class file gets added as shown below (Hence we can say the Project is not permanently deleted from the computer.)

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Exporting a Project, Deleting it from Eclipse IDE and importing it will be explained in the next post. 

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