12. Install Selenium IDE

Selenium IDE - is a Firefox extension. It is generally used to record and playback the tests. We can simply record the tests like recording a video and play the tests like playing the recorded video.

So lets first install the Selenium IDE before understanding it in depth by following the below steps:

1. Launch Firefox Browser
2. Open
3. Download the latest version of Selenium IDE by clicking the link as shown below:

4. Click on 'Add to Firefox' button in the displayed 'Mozilla Add-ons' page as shown below:

5. Click on 'Install Now' button on the 'Software Installation' dialog as shown below:

6. Click on the 'Restart Now' button when asked by the Firefox browser as shown below:

7. After Restarting the Firefox Browser, click on the Firefox ->'Tools' menu and ensure that 'Selenium IDE' option is displayed as shown below:

8. Click on the 'Selenium IDE' option under the Tools Menu and ensure that the 'Selenium IDE' is launched as shown below

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How to use Selenium IDE in Selenium Automation will be explained in the Next Post


Unknown said...

i am trying to install this on my system but unable to install.
I am not getting any options like "allow" and oll..
i am simply getting the selinium jar file.
can you please tell whats the next step?
what should i do now?

Arun Motoori said...

@Preeti Hasija - Install only from Firefox Browser.

Unknown said...

Hello fellow Selenium Learner , i need help . I am trying to install Selenium IDE , when I am on the download page of "" , i dont see the selenium IDE section . After googling and checking with few , i got to know now we can download it as Add-on available for Firefox Mozilla .
From the Add-on section i downloaded Selenium IDE Button 1.2.0.

Still i dont see the Selenium IDE under tool , then i downloaded Selenium Expert (Selenium IDE). No luck .

I have restarted my Browser as well after downloading .

Looking for help

Thank you

Unknown said...

My Bad , I have installed selenium IDE :) , actually on the seleniuom HQ download page , Selenium IDE is present quite below and i saw that when i scrolled the complete page . :)

arun said...

Hi Arun,

Can you please start updating the pages ,As the path provided is out dated .