Selenium 3 & get( ) command - Using get( ) command to open the specified URL page

Selenium WebDriver of Selenium 3 has the same commands which are available with the Selenium 2.

Though the commands are same, I would like to demonstrate the same commands with Selenium 3.

In this post, I will be demonstrating on how to use get( ) command for opening the specified URL page with Selenium 3.


Before using the get() command with Selenium 3, we have to first create an Java Project in Eclipse IDE and configure that with Selenium 3 & GeckoDriver for Firefox Browser. Please go through the below link for the same:

  • Click here to configure the Java Project with Selenium 3 and GeckoDriver for Firefox Browser
  • Also, install the Latest version of Firefox Browser in your machine. (At the time of writing this post, I have installed the Firefox Quantum Browser having version 58.0.2)

Once the above configuration is done, go through the below steps for implementing get( ) command for opening the specified URL page with Selenium 3:

1. Create a Java class file under 'src' folder as shown below:

2. Write the two lines of code shown in the screen-shot, in which the first line will set the path to geckodriver.exe file, which is required by Selenium 3 to run the scripts on Firefox browser and the second line will open the Firefox browser:

3. Now, lets write the code which uses get( ) command of Selenium WebDriver for opening the specified URL in the browser as shown below:

4. Click on the 'Save All' button to save the so far written code as shown below:

5. Right click on the newly created Java Class and select to Run As >> Java Application as shown below:

6. Observe that the latest version of Firefox Browser version will be launched and the URL specified in the get( ) command will be opened in the launched Browser as shown below:


The same get( ) command in Selenium WebDriver of Version 2 is used for opening the specified URL in Selenium 3 version too. 

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