Selenium Online Training - Weekend Batch (Saturday and Sunday) - Starting on 11th November 2017

Hello Everyone,

I am starting Selenium Online Training - Weekend Course on 11th November 2017.

Reserve your seat by contacting us at:

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  • Whatsapp / Call @ 9908895533

Please find more details on this course below:

  • Course Cost :: Rs 3500 
  • Course Duration :: 7 - 8 Weekends  (i.e. 48 hours)
  • Each Session Duration :: 3 hours
  • Session Timing:
    • Every Saturday - 10 : 30 AM IST
    • Every Sunday - 10:30 AM IST
  • Trainer : Arun Motoori (Author of this blog)

  • VideoClick here to watch the demo video (In You-tube, set the video to play in HD mode)
  • Notes : Click here to watch the demo notes

Course Highlights:
  • This is a detailed, easy, organized and step by step course
  • No programming knowledge required for this course, as everything will be explained from basics in this course
  • Recorded Videos and Notes of the sessions will be provided
  • Downloaded links to download various Java Programs, Selenium Programs and Selenium Frameworks will be provided in the notes.
  • At the end of this course, you will become an expert in Selenium and Core Java. 
  • After the sessions, you can practice the programs and examples provided in the Notes
  • These videos will help you a lot in cracking the interviews easily as all the basics and advance concepts of selenium will be covered from the base level
  • Will support you, while you are attending the interviews.
  • Framework concepts are explained from the basics in a detailed manner, which will enable you to understand them and start building on your own

Course Contents:

All the below topics will be explained as part of this course:
  1. Introduction to Selenium
  2. Installing and using FireBug
  3. HTML for Selenium
  4. Installing and using Selenium IDE
  5. Installing and using Firepath
  6. Different Locators
  7. Core Java (From Variables to Collections Framework)
  8. Introduction to Selenium WebDriver
  9. Executing Selenium scripts on different browsers
  10. Selenium and Browser compatibility
  11. Selenium  API
  12. Using Locators with Selenium WebDriver
  13. Using different Selenium WebDriver commands
  14. Handling Alerts using Selenium WebDriver
  15. Handling Web Tables
  16. Waiting mechanism in Selenium WebDriver
  17. Handling Frames in Selenium WebDriver
  18. Handling Lightbox in Selenium WebDriver
  19. Taking Screen-shots in Selenium WebDriver
  20. Framework Concepts - Properties Files
  21. Framework Concepts - POI API
  22. Framework Concepts - Log4j API
  23. Framework Concepts - TestNG
  24. Framework Concepts - ANT
  25. Framework Concepts - MAVEN
  26. Framework Concepts - Data Driven Framework
  27. Framework Concepts - Selenium Grid
  28. Framework Concepts - Keyword Driven Framework
  29. Framework Concepts - Hybrid Framework
  30. Framework Concepts - Jenkins, Git, GitHub
  31. Framework Concepts - Page Object Model Framework
  32. Framework Concepts - Page Factory Framework
  33. Framework Concepts - Selenium 3 Framework
  34. Framework Concepts - BDD Framework

Reserve your seat by contacting us at:

  • Email @ 
  • Whatsapp / Call @ 9908895533

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