Best Website to practice Selenium

In order to implement or practice the various commands in different components of Selenium i.e.. Selenium IDE, Selenium RC and Selenium WebDriver, we need to have a website which is having all the different types of GUI elements like Buttons, links, text boxes, radio buttons, checkbox options etc.

To accommodate the same, I have developed a blog having the different types of GUI elements like Buttons, Links, Text Boxes, Radio Buttons, Check-box options etc. Please find the URL of the practice blog below:

Lets have a look at our Selenium practice blog:

1. Open any browser and browse as shown below:

2. The below are the different GUI elements for our practice. Please find the below screen-shot:

Happy Practicing :) 


Nidhi said...

Hello Arun,
You have posted code for flipkart lighting popup handling.Random login popup.
Have you removed that example?

Arun Motoori said...

No I didn't remove it.