Beginners friendly tutorial for Selenium

For most of the non-programmers, switching to Selenium Automation from manual testing is a difficult task. Its not easy for the non-programmers, where to start and how to start learning Selenium. I was also in the same position 5 years back and slowly started switching towards the Selenium Automation in a step by step manner. This was all possible because, I planned to learn Selenium in a organized manner, instead of just getting afraid and sitting back without doing any progress in Selenium.

I agree that it took good time for me to achieve the existing level, but don't worry I have made your path easy and have written the blog specifically for beginners in an organized and easier manner.

To get started without any delay, go to the contents page of my blog at

To give you more details on how my blog will  help you learn Selenium in an organized way, follow the below content.

Initial posts of my blog will get to introduced with Selenium, later posts will contain all the core Java concepts from basics in a detailed and organized way. Followed by the core Java, you will come across the Selenium WebDriver posts. Once you complete all posts till WebDriver, you will get a good confidence on Selenium and my next level posts at the end of the contents page will take you to the new heights in Selenium. 

Also, if you want your Selenium learning to be more earlier and even more organized than my blog posts, you can go through my video course at , which covers all the topics of Selenium in an organized and detailed manner. You can ask, why my videos course contains more details than my blog posts. The simple answer for this is everything cannot be explained in written format, with videos you can understand the Selenium concepts in a clear and faster way. 

Hoping you got a confidence to start learning Selenium, I would like to conclude this post by stating, "My blog is designed for beginners and I recommend you to learn from my blog is a sequential manner without skipping any posts"

Happy Learning :) 

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