Test Automation

Before understanding what is meant by 'Test Automation' or 'Automation Testing' or 'Automated Testing', we have to first understand the below things:

What is Manual Testing ?

Manual Testing is a type of Software Testing where humans perform testing on a Software by sitting in-front of a computer, without using any Automation tools for testing.

What is Regression Testing ?

Regression Testing is performed to make sure there are no side effects (i.e. new defects) in the existing functionality of the software, when the developer fixes the defects or writes code to introduce new functionality or modifies the code to change or enhance the functionalities. As part of Regression testing, we test whether the existing working functionality of the software is still working even after changing the code of the software in order to fix defects, introduce new functionalities or improvise existing functionalities.

What is Automation Testing ?

Automated Testing is a type of Software Testing, where Test Automation Tools perform Testing instead of humans. In simple words, in Automation Testing, tools perform testing instead of humans.

How can an Automation Tool perform testing without a Software Tester ?

Test Automation tools can perform testing without a Software Tester by following the below three steps:

Creating the Automation Scripts - Software Tester develops automation scripts using any language supported by the automation tool.  For example, Tester develops Automation scripts using Java language which is supported by Selenium Automation tool.

Running the Automation Scripts - Using the Run options provided by Automation tool, Tester runs the Automation scripts. For example, Using the Run options provided by Selenium Automation Tool, Testers runs the automation scripts which are created using Java programming language.

Generating the Test Results - Automation tool will generate test results in a detailed report. Results report will show us whether the tests run are functioning correctly or not. If the tests are not functioning correctly, then Failure results will be shown in the reports. And if the tests are functioning correctly, then Passing results will be shown in the reports.

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