422. Using isMultiple( ) with Multi-Selection Box field

isMultiple( ) command is used to verify whether the specified select element support selecting multiple options at the same time.

isMultiple( ) returns true when the specified select element support selecting multiple options else it will return false.

We have two kinds of select elements:

  1. Drop Down field  - Wont support selecting Multiple options (Can only select one option at a time)
  2. Multi-Selection Box field  - Support selecting Multiple options (Can select more than one option at a time)

In this post, lets implement isMultiple( ) with Drop Down field.

How to get this isMultiple( ) predefined method:

In order to use the isMultiple( ) command with Multi-Selection Box  field, we have to create an object for Select class of selenium for Multi-Selection Box field as shown below:

Select select = new Select(_driver.findElement(By.cssPath("CSS Path of Multi-Selection Box Field")));

  • Here Select is the Class name
  • select is the object of Select Class

After creating an object for Select Class, you can get the isMultiple( ) predefined method of Select Class by using its object select as shown below:

select.isMultiple( );  

Test Description:

Now lets use isMultiple( ) method with Multi-Selection Box field to find out whether it support selecting multiple options at a time as explained in the below screenshot:

Lets Implement the Test on Eclipse IDE:


1. Create a new Java Project say 'WebDriver-Project66' in Eclipse IDE
2. Configure the Project to work with Selenium WebDriver
3. Create a package say 'package66' under the newly created project.
4. Create a Java Class file say 'Class66' under the newly created package as shown below:

Actual Steps:

1. Write the following code into the newly created Java Class file as shown below and make sure that you resolve all the errors before going to next step:

2. Create a test method 'isMultipleDemo()' which uses CSS Path Statement for locating the  Multi-Selection Box field as shown below:

3. Save and Run the '' file by selecting the 'JUnit Test' option and ensure that our Automation Test has verified that the Multi-Selection Box field support selecting Multiple options at a time and entered the verification result into Username text box field as shown in the below video:

Watch the below video:

Click here to watch the video.

Download this Project:

Click here to download this project and import into Eclipse IDE  on your machine.

Please comment below to feedback or ask questions.

Using getAllSelectedOptions( ) to get all the selected options in Multi-Selection Box field  will be explained in the next post.

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