327. Introduction to XPath

As we already know that we can identify UI elements on any page using XPath Locator (Please refer to Post #25 ). But we have used it in our earlier post without knowing its basics. If we know the basics of XPath , we can use it effectively in Selenium Automation.

I am going to write many posts on XPath as it very good at identifying elements. To start with go through the below introduction to XPath Language.

XPath is a full programming language.

In Selenium Automation, we are going to use XPath to parse the HTML code of any web page and find out the XPath path for identifying or locating the elements on the web page.

In order to understand the XPath you should have knowledge on HTML (If you don't have any knowledge on HTML you can start learning it from first before going to the next post ).

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Understanding the HTML Source will be explained in the next post.

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