272. System.out.println( )

System is a predefined java class in which a static object out of PrintStream I/O Class is created as shown below -

public class System
    static PrintStream out = new PrintStream(//constructor connected to standard output stream);

public class PrintStream
    //Code for print( ) and println( ) methods etc. 

As out is the static object inside System Class, hence we can access the out object from other Classes by using its Class name

 i.e. System.out

And as print( ) and println( ) method are the members of the PrintStream Class, we can access it using its object called out as shown below -

System.out.print("Text to be printed here");
System.out.println("Text to be printed here");

So, we have now understood how a System.out.println(" "); statement works. Please find the example program which uses System.out.println(" "); statement as shown below -

Example -

public class ClassName
      public static void main(String args[])
              System.out.println("Hi. How are you?");


Output -

Hi. How are you?

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static import will be explained in the next post.

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