260. Creating Folders using mkdir( ) method

Pre-requisites -

mkdir( ) method is used to create the folders. In order to create it we have to create a File Class object by providing the Name of the Folder and use the mkdir( ) method withe File Class created object as shown in the below example -

Example -

File dir1 = new File("ABZ");  //Specify the Folder name here

dir1.mkdir( ):  //Creates the folder with the above specified name

Lets implement this on Eclipse IDE -

1. Launch Eclipse IDE, create a new Java Class '' with main( ) method in the existing Java Project 'Project 50' as shown below -

 2. Create a File Class object say 'dir1'  by specifying the Folder Name say 'ABZ' as shown below (resolve any import errors) -

3. Create a directory using mkdir( ) method with the above created dir1 File Class object as shown below -

4. Check our Project Workspace to verify that a folder with 'ABZ' name is not available before running the Java Program as shown below -

5. Save & Run the Java Class '' and observe that a new folder got created in our Project Workspace as shown below -

Hence we can create folders using mkdir( ) method.

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Using getPath( ) and getAbsolutePath( ) methods will be explained in the next post.

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