258. Creating a file using createNewFile( ) method

Pre-requisite -

We can create a file using createNewFile( ) method. 

Example -

File object = new File("C://Users//Arun//Desktop//Files//abcd.txt");

object.createNewFile( ); //Creates the File at the above specified file path

Lets implement this on Eclipse IDE -

1. Launch Eclipse IDE, open the '' Class in the existing Java Project 'Project 50' as shown below -

2. Now lets create a File at the specified file path location of the File Class object creation statement using the createNewFile( ) method as shown below -

3. View the compiler exception error message and select the 'Surround with try/catch' option from the error message as shown below -

4. Observe that the file creation statement got surrounded by the try catch statements and the error got resolved as shown below -

5. Go to the file path location specified in the File Class object creation statement and find that there are no files at that location before executing our Java program as shown below -

6. Save & Run the Java class '' , again go to the same file path location and observe that a file with the file name that is specified in the File object creation statement got created as shown below -

Hence we have created a file using the createNewFile( ) method at the specified file path location in the File Class object creation statement.

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Creating files in your Project Workspace  will be explained in the next post.

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