211. Creating duplicate Classes in same project

Pre-requisites -

Can we create duplicate Classes in Same Java Project ?

No, Java gives compiler errors when you create duplicate classes (i.e. Classes with same names).

 Is there any solution to create duplicate Classes in the Same Java Project ?

Yes, we can create duplicate classes in the same Java Project by separating the duplicate classes using Packages.

Lets implement this concept on Eclipse IDE

1. Create a new Java Project 'Project 39' as shown below -

2. Create a Class with name 'ClassA' as shown below -

3. Try to create another Class with same name 'ClassA' and observe that an error is displayed and am unable to create the Class with the same name as shown below -

Hence we cant create duplicate Classes in a single Java Project. Now lets resolve this issue by separating the Duplicate Classes using Packages by following the below steps.

4. ClassA Class created in Step2 was created under a default package. Now lets create another package 'packageD' in the same Java Project 'Project 39' as shown below -

5. Now create a Class with same name ClassA under the newly created package 'packageD' and observe that no error is displayed and the Duplicate Class is successfully created as shown below -

Hence we can create duplicate classes, when we create separate the Classes using packages.

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Default Package will be explained in the next post.

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