67. Exporting a Java Project from Eclipse IDE

We can export a Java Project created in Eclipse IDE and save to our computer. How to export the Java Project will be explained below:

1. Right click on the Java project to be exported and select 'Export' option

2. Ensure that the 'Export' dialog is displayed, expand the 'General' folder, select the 'Archive file' and click on 'Next' button

Click  this image to view Full Screen
3. Ensure that the 'Export Archive file' dialog is displayed and click on 'Browse' button on this dialog

4. Browse to save the 'Exported' file, enter 'Third Project' as File Name, ensure that '.zip' is selected in 'Save as type' drop down field and click on 'Save' button as shown below

5. Ensure that the browsed path is displayed in the 'Export Archive file' dialog and click on 'Finish' button as shown below

6. Go to the path where you have exported/saved the Java Project and ensure whether the Third got saved or not as shown below

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How to import the exported Java Project file will be explained in the next post.

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