33. TextPad editor installation

TextPad is an editor which will help us in writing Java Programs and execute them from the editor itself, i.e. instead of executing the java program from command line. Below, I will explain from where we've to download the TextPad and how to install it.

1. Go to page
2. Choose the English User interface and click on 'Download' link as shown below (Install 32-bit if you have 32 bit machine or Install 64-bit if you have 64 bit machine):

3. Right click on the downloaded Zip file and unzip it (I use WinRAR software to unzip Zip files) as shown below:

4. Open the unzipped folder and double click on the Setup file to install the software as shown below:

5. Ensure that you are able to launch the TextPad application without any problems after its installation as shown below:

Please comment below to feedback or ask questions.

How to write Java programs in TextPad editor tool and how to execute the java program using the TextPad tool will be explained in the next post.


Unknown said...

Its very nice...n well explained . each and every step...

Unknown said...

You are Awesome Good Job :)

Unknown said...

Hi Arun.. Your work is really appreciated.. it is really helpful. I have a doubt. What is the need to install this TexTPad editor. I mean why we are using this?? Why cant we execute our code or program in eclipse instead of this TexTPad editor.