30. Install Java JDK

Eclipse IDE is required to run Java programs. But we cant run Eclipse IDE without having Java Development kit (JDK) installed in our machines. So if you have not installed Java JDK as explained in previous posts, install Java JDK first as explained in the below steps:

1. Open in any browser
2. Select 'Java Platform (JDK) category' to download Java JDK as shown below -

3. Select the 'License Agreement' as shown below:

4. Download the 32 bit version of Java JDK (i.e. Windows x86 in the below screen) if you have 32 bit machine else if you have 64 bit machine install 64 bit version of Java JDK  (i.e. Windows x64 in the below screen) -

5. Install the downloaded JDK file and ensure that JDK and JRE folders got created at the C:\Program Files (x86)\Java folder path for 32 bit machine (But for 64 bit machine they will get created at the C:\Program Files\Java folder)

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How to configure the installed Java ? will be explained in the next post.


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