10. How to create projects in Eclipse IDE ?

Prerequisites: Launch the Eclipse IDE as explained in the previous post #9 (How to Launch Eclipse IDE)

1. Close the 'Welcome' screen if you are launching the application for the first time as shown below:

2. Ensure the panes shown in the below image are displayed:

3. Click on 'File' Menu and select New -> Project option as shown below

4. Ensure that 'New Project' dialog with 'Select a wizard' text is displayed as shown below:

5. Scroll down in the 'Select a wizard' dialog and double click on  'Java Project' under the 'Java' folder as shown below:

6. Ensure that 'New Java Project' dialog is displayed as shown below:

7. In 'New Java Project' dialog, provide a Project Name (for example say 'First Project') as shown below:

8. In 'New Java Project' dialog -> under 'JRE' column, select 'Use a project specific jre' radio  as shown below: (So every time you create a project you have to select the java version that you want to use with the project)

9. We have to select the version of the JRE from the dropdown list beside to the above selected radio option. In order to select we have to know the version of the JRE we have installed in our system by following the next steps

10. Ensure that you have installed 32 bit or 64 bit version of Java JDK as explained in the previous post Post # 7 Install Java JDK and Configure  and if 32 bit -> Go to the Folder path C:\Program Files (x86)\Java as shown below (if 64 bit -> Go to the Folder path C:\Program Files\Java )

11. Note down the version of JRE installed along with the installed Java JDK as shown below:

12. From the above screenshot, its very clear that we have jre7 version installed in our system. Now lets select the same version in the 'Eclipse IDE' -> 'Use a project specific JRE' as shown below:

13. Click on 'Finish' button on the 'New Java Project' dialog
14. Ensure that 'Open Associated Perspective?' dialog with text 'This kind of project is associated with Java perspective' is displayed as shown below ( Click on 'Yes' button this dialog)

11. Ensure that a 'New Project' is created under the Package explorer pane as shown below: (In this example it is named as 'First Project' )

Now we know how to create java projects in Eclipse IDE. How to use the created Java Projects for writing Selenium Automation scripts will be explained later.

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Divya C said...

Hi Arun,
I've installed 64 bit java as I am getting error while launching 64 bit eclipse with 32 bit java. Please let me know if i need to re-install anything for future purposes while learning this tutorial.

Divya Chintala

Arun Motoori said...

@Divya C - Install 32 bit Eclipse and 32 bit Java to resolve the error.

Divya C said...

Thanks arun for replying.

I've installed 64 bit java and 64 bit eclipse as my computer is 64 bit. Its working fine now.

Arun Motoori said...

@Divya That works too :)

Amy Mack said...

I dont see ANT in the environment variables do i need to install it?