8. Install Eclipse IDE

We need Eclipse IDE to develop the Selenium Automation Scripts in Java Programming language and Run them. So how to install Eclipse IDE will be explained below:

Prerequisites: Install Java prior to Eclipse IDE installation (See Post# 7 for Java Installation ). Eclipse IDE wont launch if Java is not installed prior to its installation.

Eclipse IDE is a multi-language software development platform. IDE means Integrated Development Environment. Integrated Development Environment is is a software application that provides comprehensive facilities to programmers to develop software applications . It is written primarily in Java and is used to develop applications in this language and, by means of the various plug-ins, in other languages as well as C/C++, Cobol, Python, Perl, PHP and more. So in order to develop Selenium Automation Scripts in Java, we need any IDE that supports Java to develop them . Since Eclipse IDE supports Java, we are going to use it for developing our Selenium Automation Scripts in Java programming language.

Follow the below steps to download it.

1. Launch any browser and visit
2. In downloads page, select 'Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers' and click on 'Windows 32 Bit' download link if you have 32 bit machine as shown below (Select Windows 64 bit' option if want to install eclipse on 64 bit machine)

3.  In the displayed 'Eclipse Downloads - Mirror Selection' page, select any mirror that is near to our place (I am from India, hence I am selecting mirror image to be downloaded from Asia category as  shown below) -

4. 'Thank You for Downloading Eclipse' page will be displayed and the current latest version of Eclipse IDE will be downloaded as shown below -

5. Installation of the Eclipse is not required after downloading it, we can directly launch it to use it.

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How to launch Eclipse IDE will be explained in the next post

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