5. Install Firepath Addon for Firefox

Before explaining how to install Firepath, I would like to explain why Firepath is used in Selenium Test Automation. Firepath is used to create the CSS and XPath locators to locate the UI elements of the Web Application Under Test. (Locators concept will be explained later)

Steps to Install Firepath Add-on for Firefox Browser

1. Open Firefox browser and access

2. Ensure that Firefox Add-ons page is displayed with Firepath Add-on

3. Click on 'Add to Firefox' Button to download the Firepath Add-on

4. Ensure that a Popup dialog is displayed and click on 'Install Now' button on the displayed dialog

5. Restart (i.e. Close and Reopen) the Firefox Browser after Firepath is installed

6. Click on FireBug icon on the top right side of the page as shown below:

7. Ensure that Firepath tab is now displayed in the FireBug interface after installing Firepath as shown below:

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How to use Firepath in selenium automation will be explained in the next posts.


Bheemaraj Udapudi said...

Can you also put why FirePath is used? It gives clear idea to beginners.

Arun Motoori said...

@ BRU - Thanks for your feedback. I have updated the post with the details of why Firepath is used.

shilpi said...

way u explain is too good

Arun Motoori said...

@Shilpi Thank you

Unknown said...

Easy to Learn Selenium now.

Arun Singh

Anonymous said...


I have been working as manual QE for 10+ years. Mainly I was less interested for Automation tool. But, the scenario is different today. I need to learn it. I have found your blog and I have found that you have explained it at a level where no one can reach. You are too good to explain in simple words which can be used/understand by any one. Looking for your other posts.

Be blessed... always..

Unknown said...

Excellent explanation sir,
i have never seen this type of explantion

if you have any sites or blogs regarding Mobile testing, webservices please for ward my mail id

Once again thank you very much for your effort to helping the students to learn automation skills

Arun Motoori said...

@jafbangkok Thank You

Arun Motoori said...

@ram Thank you

Unknown said...

Hi Arun,

I am new for this selinum tool.
I have installed mozilla 28.0 version and sellinium ide is 1.7.2.

But this combination I am unable to record the application through IDE.

Could you please let me know which versions are comaptable.

Thanks in advance.


Sayali K said...

Hi Arun,

Could you please let me know how to write XPath manually instead of using Firepath plugin?

-Sayali K

Arun Motoori said...

@Sayali K - Refer to my posts on Xpath at

Arun Motoori said...

@Ramesh Reddy - Install latest version of Firefox Browser and use it with the latest version of Selenium IDE.

Unknown said...

Hi Arun,

I have confusion...When i install Firebug i am unable to see screen like yours when i inspect element, so can you please tell what is different between both of them. Why it is shows same after installing firebug.

Unknown said...

Hi Arun, firepath and firebug was not compatible with the latest Firefox browser. Can you suggest any other way?

Arun Motoori said...

@Leo Danny - Downgrade to older version of Firefox say 47.0.1.

Before downgrading stop the auto downgrades from Tools > Options of firefox. And setting this option, install the older version of Firefox i.e. 47.0.1 from

Reason: FireBug, Firepath and Selenium IDE add-ons wont work from 55 version of Firefox. Hence install older version of Firefox when you need these add-ons.