2. What should I know prior to learning selenium ?

I have written this blog in such a way that you can understand the Selenium Automation concepts even if you don't know the following prerequisites that are required for learning Selenium Automation:
  1. Manual Testing Skills
  2. Basic Programming Skills 
  3. Knowledge on Test Automation Principles and Practices
Notes -
  • My suggestion for complete beginners is not to skip even one post in my blog as you may not understand few blog posts if you skip any. Read this blog from Post#One and go on to the last post without missing any post.
  • Java concepts that are required by Selenium Automation are explained on Eclipse IDE tool, as we may have to use Eclipse IDE in Selenium Automation. Revise the posts on Java even if you already know Java concepts, as the procedure for using Eclipse IDE is explained while explaining the Java concepts only.
  • I have tried my level best in making the posts easy to understand and also the blog is practical than being theoretical.
  • You can learn Selenium from this blog, even if you don't know anything about Selenium Automation.
  • This blog is perfectly suitable for beginners.
  • This blog will also include the advanced concepts which will be explained once all the basic concepts are explained.
  • This blog will get updated regularly to make it more complete and to increase the quality.

Please comment below to feedback or ask questions.

How to install FireBug Add-On will be explained in the next post. 


Anonymous said...

Good Post

Arun Motoori said...

Thank You

Uma Chavan said...

Nice post.

Email Id plese.

Arun Motoori said...

Thank You

Santosh Chitriki said...

Hi Arun, Iam a begginer,read your blog, and after my 3rd attempt to learn, I found your info very easy to follow. So I have decided to give another attempt to learn. I dont have a windows machine. Would you also have instrucions to install on Mac? Iam a manual QA like you were.

Arun Motoori said...

@ Santosh Chitrikih - Thanks for your feedback.

Sorry, at present I don't have any posts on how to work on MAC. One alternative that I can suggest you is to run Windows on your MAC machine. Please go through the to understand 'How to use windows on MAC with Boot Camp'

Nagarjunakrishna Illuri said...

Thanks for proving a wonderful blog for us.

Palla Subramanyam said...

Hi Arun,
I'm a beginner to learn automation first of all i will follow your blog top to bottom without skipping any topic,later i will post my experience about this blog.Really this blog is very helpful to beginners who are planned to move automation side.

Priyanka Venkata said...

Hi Arun,
your blog is excellent for selenium beginner.I want to know the information regarding webdriver.Could you please tell me how much will it take?

man said...

Hi Arun,

Is there any certification for selenium. any idea about Vskills certification for selenium

Arun Motoori said...

@man - There may be certifications, but as per my knowledge no one is doing them. Manual Testing wise ISTQB is popular where as Selenium wise so far I didn't hear any popular certifications that people are doing. So I don't recommend doing any certifications for Selenium.

Aarthi K said...

Hi Arun, I am trying to move from manual testing to automation. I found your post. Thanks. Nice information. Can you pls share your mail Id?

Arun Motoori said...